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carbon fully 29er NINER RIP 9 RDO

The best mountain bike- WINNER of the GOLD AWARD of EUROBIKE SHOW 2013
fullsuspension alloy 29" frame

NEW! JET 9 fullsuspension 29" MTB frame,
alloy frame with airformed tubes

new steelframe by NINER hardtail

NEW! ROS 9 (Ride Over Stuff), steelframe
with unlimited possibilites, ride:
1. singlespeed
2. 1X
3. fully geared

NINER E.M.D. 9 29er frame now also for size XS.
XS size frames available also for JET 9 Carbon and EUROBIKE award winner JET 9 RDO.

About Us- 29er MTB bicycles and cycle components is our passion

ph +372 679 6685




carbon fullsuspension NINER JET 9 RDO

carbon racing bike AIR 9 RDO


carbon frame AIR 9 Carbon

Alloy frame AIR 9

The winner of EUROBIKE 2012 Golden Award in Mountain Bike category is:golden award´eurobike best Mountain bike

The winner of EUROBIKE 2013 Golden Award in Mountain Bike category is:

Fullsuspension MTB 29ers JET 9 Carbon and JET 9 RDO ( the winner of EUROBIKE Award 2012) frames are available also in XS sizes


eurobike winner fullsuspension 29er carbon fully 29er NINER Jet 9 Carbon frame